God Land

God Land

A Story of Faith, Loss, and Renewal in Middle America

von Lyz Lenz

Reihe: Indiana University Press Band
168 Seiten; 40 b&w illus.; 22,86 cm x 15,24 cm
2019 Indiana University Press
ISBN 978-0-253-04154-8

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<P><P>In the wake of the 2016 election, Lyz Lenz watched as her country and her marriage were torn apart by the competing forces of faith and politics. A mother of two, a Christian, and a lifelong resident of middle America, Lenz was bewildered by the pain and loss around her—the empty churches and the broken hearts. What was happening to faith in the heartland?</P><br><P>From drugstores in Sydney, Iowa, to skeet shooting in rural Illinois, to the mega churches of Minneapolis, Lenz set out to discover the changing forces of faith and tradition in God's country. Part journalism, part memoir, <I>God Land</I> is a journey into the heart of a deeply divided America. Lenz visits places of worship across the heartland and speaks to the everyday people who often struggle to keep their churches afloat and to cope in a land of instability. Through a thoughtful interrogation of the effects of faith and religion on our lives, our relationships, and our country, <I>God Land</I> investigates whether our divides can ever be bridged and if America can ever come together. </P></P>

Kurztext / Annotation
<P><P>1. Well-written book details how religion is changing in society and how the Midwest is dealing with changes to its fundamental principles.</P> <P>2. Most other books on the subject are written from a religious perspective, while Lenz focused on how the lack of religion is impacting people.</P> <P>3. Author is engaged on social media, will write op-eds to promote the book, and is eager to do events.</P></P>

<P><OL><br><LI>Dangerous Speculation</LI><br><P><br><LI>The Heart of the Heartland</LI><br><P></P><br><P><br><LI>Yearning for Better Days</LI><br><P></P><br><P><br><LI>The Pew and the Pulpit</LI><br><P></P><br><P><br><LI>The Church of the Air</LI><br><P></P><br><P><br><LI>Room at the Table</LI><br><P></P><br><P><br><LI>A Muscular Jesus</LI><br><P></P><br><P><br><LI>The Asian American Reformed Church of Bigelow, Minnesota</LI><br><P></P><br><P><br><LI>Bridging the Divide</LI><br><P></P><br><P><br><LI>A Den of Thieves</LI><br><P></P><br><P><br><LI>Satanists Potluck</LI><br><P></P><br><P><br><LI>Reclaiming Our Faith</LI><br><P></P><br><P><br><LI>The Fire Outside</LI><br><P></P></OL></P>

Biografische Anmerkung zu den Verfassern
<P><P>Lyz Lenz has been published in the <EM>New York Times, </EM>Buzzfeed,<EM> Washington Post, The Guardian, </EM>ESPN, Marie Claire, Mashable, Salon, and more. Her book <I>Belabored: Tales of Myth, Medicine, and Motherhood</I> is forthcoming. She also has an essay in the anthology <I>Not That Bad: Dispatches from Rape Culture</I> edited by Roxane Gay. Lenz holds an MFA in creative writing from Lesley University and is a contributing writer to the <EM>Columbia Journalism Review.</EM></P></P>

Unveröffentlichter Kommentar
<P>"<EM>God Land</EM> is a remarkable work of reporting, memoir, and cultural criticism—a blazingly intelligent book exploring the ways that faith can both create and scatter communities in America. Lenz's beautiful prose—by turns brutal, lyrical, Biblical, and richly comic—propels the reader along with her on this journey through the churches and faith communities of the Midwest. Amid a trend of books over the past several years that purport to explain the heartland in easy terms, Lenz offers us something far more valuable: a frank and perceptive analysis of what is broken, and will remain broken, among communities of faith in the Midwest and across the country. Easy answers come and go, but our brokenness is here to stay, and Lenz helps us see the hidden jointures while also helping us to see the grace in our brokenness, and to wonder whether it is not also our common bond."</P>