Análise Fundamentalista de Empresas para Investimento em Ações

Análise Fundamentalista de Empresas para Investimento em Ações

Conquiste sua Independência Financeira

von Hélio Santiago

Reihe: Capital e Valor Band 3
180 Seiten
2014 Capital e Valor
ISBN 978-1-234-56789-7

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O livro Análise Fundamentalista de Empresas para Investimento em Ações aborda a análise Macroeconômica, Setorial e Microeconômica através de uma linguagem clara e acessível. O conteúdo é focado nos principais indicadores macroeconômicos e as suas relações com o mercado e com os setores econômicos, nas dinâmicas dos diferentes setores e suas principais características e, por fim, na análise do balanço da empresa e dos seus principais indicadores de rentabilidade, liquidez e endividamento, estabelecendo previsões e tendências para o seu desempenho e para o seu valor.

A missão do Capital e Valor é promover a formação de investidores conscientes e racionais, que atuem de forma independente, com estratégia e poder de decisão, fazendo juízo próprio das oportunidades e gerenciando os riscos do investimento no mercado de capitais. Aprenda a investir e analisar o mercado com nosso conteúdo de educação financeira e conquiste a sua independência financeira.

O conteúdo do Capital e Valor visa orientar o desenvolvimento de uma metodologia objetiva para operar e analisar o mercado de forma consciente, demonstrando as diferentes estratégias para momentos de alta e de baixa, incluindo técnicas de gerenciamento de risco e de proteção de capital. Não é um método milagroso de enriquecimento, tão pouco dicas de investimentos, mas uma visão realista sobre o mercado financeiro, embasada por informações de qualidade para investidores conscientes e racionais, cujo objetivo é lhe auxiliar a desenvolver o seu potencial de investir bem o seu dinheiro e a garantir a sua prosperidade.


Chapter Two

The Failing


On November 7, 1996 I slumped into the fetal position murmuring to myself, "I'm through." The epic failure of the Living Way Foursquare Church in North Seattle was all my fault. The room swirled as my dreams, my call, my reputation, my livelihood, were sucked down the proverbial drain.

The beginning of my ministry career began with a great thud. I graduated from Northwest University in 1989 with a double major in Theology and Psychology. With great zeal and diplomas in hand, I sent out 108 resumes; from which I received exactly zero responses! I happened to meet a young woman who attended a little church in West Seattle. This church needed a worship leader, youth pastor, and landscaper! Ambitiously, I accepted the "volunteer" position, and began to date this young woman named Tina. A short time later after serving that little church in West Seattle and marrying Tina, an invitation was extended from a church in North Seattle offering a full-time, paid opportunity. On November 7, 1990, I transitioned from my job working in a warehouse, left my volunteer ministry position in West Seattle, and launched into my dream vocation, professional Pastor!

Living Way Foursquare Church was a historic work commissioned 68 years earlier by the iconic Foursquare founder herself, Amie Simple McPherson! Strategically located amidst four major high schools, neighborhoods, and a shopping center, all the conditions were right for this church to be SIGNIFICANT. Right out of the gate, I knew for certain, I was in way over my head! Having never been mentored, and being incredibly raw, I had no idea what I was doing! The pastor of the church definitely hired based on the potential of this innate fighter.

With a competitive athletic background, I only knew one way to advance, militantly! I volunteered to coach three different sports at three different schools. Being on campuses allowed me to know and be known by students and families within our community. It was my belief then, as it is now, that people don't care what we know until they know that we care and once they know we care, we can lead them anywhere. It didn't take long until our youth ministry grew to be larger than the weekend church attendance. There was a full-blown youth revival in North Seattle!

On the job training (OJT) is optimal when someone is training you. However, when the one learning is also the one doing the training there is one irrefutable outcome, disaster! This little church of 250 people was experiencing what I call, a mortal-divine-disturbance. The glorious community of worshippers were seeing what they desired, a move of God. But, unbeknownst to us there was collateral carnage heading its way.

If you ask any entrepreneur or leader, they will tell you that growth is the goal. In board meetings around the world, those in charge are consistently intrigued with the bottom line! "Are we making more money? Are we getting more market share?" In the kingdom of God, people are the economy of Heaven and the currency of earth. Within the context of youth ministry, we were seeing amazing growth. So much so that we multiplied our youth meeting nights. Monday was college and career night. Tuesday was the high school gathering and the junior high met Wednesday. Within the course of a week 300 students were gathering. Street gang members with tats and guns were worshipping alongside jocks and musicians. To be honest, the churched kids and their parents were getting a little nervous. I lacked the wherewithal to know how to manage this influx. I felt incredible stress as a 26-year old with absolutely no church leadership experience and no idea what to do with the growth being brought by God!

When the weekend rolled around I would then change hats, and lead worship with the adults. My library of 80's rock music did not translate to this traditional Pentecostal constituency. Playing hymns

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