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E. A. Johns

The Social Structure of Modern Britain

Pergamon International Library of Science, Technology, Engineering and Social Studies

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1;Front Cover;1
2;The Social Structure of Modern Britain;4
3;Copyright Page;5
4;Table of Contents;8
5;Introduction to the Third Edition;10
6;Introduction to the Second Edition;12
7;Introduction to the First Edition;14
8;Chapter 1. Demographic Features of British Society;16
8.1;Population Trends in the Twentieth Century;16
8.2;Socio-economic Aspects of Population;23
8.3;Trends in Fertility;28
8.5;The Effects of Immigration;50
9;Chapter 2. The Family;66
9.2;The Family Today;67
9.3;The Emancipation of Women;88
9.4;Marriage and Divorce;104
10;Chapter 3. Social Class in Modern Britain;116
10.1;Introduction : The Existence of Classes;116
10.2;Income and Wealth;121
10.4;Style of Life;147
10.5;Conclusion: The Changing Class Structure;157
11;Chapter 4. The Socialization Process : Education;164
11.2;The Development of Education in Britain;166
11.3;Education and Society;182
12;Chapter 5. Leisure and Pleasure;208
12.1;Introduction: What Leisure Is About;208
12.2;The Five Ages of Leisure;214
12.3;Leisure, Status and Social Class;229
13;Chapter 6. Social Controls and the Maintenance of Order;242
13.2;Religious Affiliations and Behaviour;248
13.3;Political Attitudes and Behaviour;257
13.4;Crime and the Penal System;272
14;Suggestions for Further Reading;290

Kurztext / Annotation

The Social Structure of Modern Britain, Third Edition is a comprehensive account of the social structure of modern Britain. Aspects of social structure are examined from a historical and comparative perspective. The book includes statistical information, not only on the more obvious areas like births, deaths, and immigration, but also on such lesser known (but no less important) topics as leisure behavior, income and wealth, and trends in criminal and other deviant activities.
Comprised of six chapters, this book begins with an introduction to the demographic features of British society, including population trends in the twentieth century, socio-economic aspects of population, and fertility and mortality trends, along with the effects of immigration on demography. Subsequent chapters focus on the family, social class, and education as well as leisure and pleasure. The final chapter is devoted to three major mechanisms of social control in British society: religion, political institutions, and law enforcement. In particular, it assesses the extent to which religious beliefs and political attitudes exert control over people's thoughts and behavior, together with the definition of crime, the causes of criminal behavior, and the aims of a penal system.
This monograph will be a useful resource for sociologists and social scientists.

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