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Piero Giordanetti, Riccardo Pozzo, Marco Sgarbi

Kant's Philosophy of the Unconscious

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2;Kant's Unconscious "Given";12
3;The 'I Think' Must Be Able To Accompany All My Representations. Unconscious Representations and Self-consciousness in Kant;44
4;Illusion and Strategy of Reason;68
5;The Unconscious as Root of Kant's A Priori Sentimentalism;84
6;Genius as a Chiasm of the Conscious and Unconscious: A History of Ideas Concerning Kantian Aesthetics;96
7;Kant's Defeated Counterpart. Moses Mendelssohn on the Beauty, Mechanics, and Death of the Human Soul;110
8;Pre-conceptual Aspects of Self-consciousness in Kant's Critique of Pure Reason;138
9;Kant, Blows of Tears;154
10;A Linneaus of Human Nature: The Pragmatic Deduction of Unconscious Thought in Kant's Lectures on Anthropology;184
11;Logical Forms, Indeterminacy, and the Subjective Unity of Consciousness in Kant;240
12;Non-Apperceptive Consciousness;278
13;Kant on Unconscious Mental Activity;312

Kurztext / Annotation

The unconscious raises relevant problems in the theory of knowledge as regards non-conceptual contents and obscure representations. In the philosophy of mind, it bears on the topic of the unity of consciousness and the notion of the transcendental Self. It is a key-topic of logic with respect to the distinction between determinate-indeterminate judgments and prejudices, and in aesthetics it appears in connection with the problems of reflective judgments and of the genius. Finally, it is a relevant issue also in moral philosophy in defining the irrational aspects of the human being. The purpose of the present volume is to fill a substantial gap in Kant research while offering a comprehensive survey of the topic in different areas of research, such as history of philosophy, philosophy of mind, aesthetics, moral philosophy, and anthropology.

Piero Giordanetti , Università di Milano, Italy; Riccardo Pozzo and Marco Sgarbi , Università di Verona, Italy.

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