The Fall of the Imam

The Fall of the Imam

von Nawal El Saadawi

Flexibler Einband
240 Seiten; 195 mm x 131 mm
2020 Saqi Books
ISBN 978-0-86356-612-7

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Kurztext / Annotation
New edition of key novel by Egypts foremost feminist author, with new foreword by Jenni Murray

Bint Allah knows herself only as the Daughter of God. Born in a stifling male-dominated state, ruled by the Imam and his coterie of ministers, she dreams of one day reaching the top of a distant hill visible through the bars of the orphanage window. But Bint Allah's ambitions do not escape the attention of the Imam, who never feels secure no matter how well he protects himself. When the Imam falsely accuses Bint Allah of adultery and sentences her to death by stoning, he is not prepared for what happens next. A postmodern fantasia, this powerful and poetic novel is a call to arms against those who use religion as a weapon against women.