Two Women in One

Two Women in One

von Nawal El Saadawi

Übersetzt von: Osman Nusairi
Flexibler Einband
128 Seiten; 195 mm x 128 mm
2020 Saqi Books
ISBN 978-0-86356-691-2

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Kurztext / Annotation
New edition of key novel by Egypts foremost feminist author, with new foreword by Deeyah Khan

Bahiah Shaheen, an eighteen-year-old medical student and the daughter of a prominent Egyptian public official, finds the male students in her class coarse and alien. Her father, too, seems to belong to a race apart. Frustrated by her hard-working, well-behaved, middle-class public persona, her meeting with a stranger at a gallery one day proves to be the beginning of her road to self-discovery and the start of her realisation that fulfilment in life is indeed possible.