Fatal Camino

Fatal Camino

A Pilgrimage Into Danger

von John Douglas Fisher

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388 Seiten; Pamplona, Perdón, Lorca, Los Arcos, Logroño, Embalse de la Grajera, El Presidente, Sugar, Navarrete, Azofra, A stained shell, San Domingo, On the run, Albergue in the woods, San Donmingo jail, Yudego Cross, San Domingo police station, Belorado, Burgos, Hornillos, A Field, Café Tachu, Elvis Bar, San Justo Cruz, Ramos, Santa Catalina, El Ganso, Rabanal, Cruz de Ferro, The Fall, Ponferrada, Santiago de Compostela, Cathedral, Author's notes; 20.2 cm x 12.7 cm
2018 Abaco Media & Publishing
ISBN 978-0-9927893-1-2

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To escape guilt, Jane seeks peace on the Camino but finds terror.
It's an exceptionally hot May on the Camino de Santiago, the pilgrim Way of Saint James in north Spain. Jane Downer is walking alone on a self-imposed mission, driven by guilt. In a chance encounter in Pamplona, she meets Dan Brady, a cynical, rough-mannered journalist, who is walking the pilgrim way against his will to keep his job. Jane and Dan take a mutual dislike to each other and part ways. However, a terrible incident entangles them to find they are the prey of a serial killer on the Camino. Despite the danger, Jane feels she has no choice but to complete her mission. Dan struggles with a dilemma; should he remain to protect Jane or leave to save himself?