Time Lies Fate & Family

Time Lies Fate & Family

von Kazzie Kennedy

388 Seiten
2015 BookBaby
ISBN 978-1-4835-5684-0

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Family secrets, lies and betrayal collide with two different crime families all because Storm Madison read the wrong article. In the mix a street kid called Mickey and a hot shot American lawyer Daniel Costa begin a journey none of them expected to take. Enemies made and allies found. Just when you think you have worked her out Storm Madison becomes a chameleon.

Chapter one

First day off in months and I am really looking forward to lazing on the beach with nothing to do other than relax. A knock at the front door disturbed me, bringing me back from my daydream. I opened it only to find two well-dressed men standing there.

"Ms Storm Madison?"

"Who wants to know?"

"My name is Nathan Reilly and this is my associate Daniel Costa. We are attorneys at law from the American firm of Nolan, Mind and Miller and we are here on behalf of our client, Mr Gino Francini whom we believe you do not know. May we come in?"

"Sure, just don't make me regret it any more than I already do Mr Reilly. You're right, about one thing, gentlemen I have no idea who your client is. But then again why should I?"

"Well if you have the time, I would like to talk to you about the reason for us travelling half way across the world to speak to you."

"If you feel you must."

"I believe you are an adopted child?"

"Yes, that's right, and you would know this how?"

"Please, our law firm has over many years been retained to track and find adopted children. I won't bother you with how we do this, yet is it not true you have been searching for your biological father via the Internet?"

"Yes, that is right, although this still does not explain how you two gentlemen knew where to find me. As you can imagine, it is not something one puts over the Internet."

"Let me put you at ease straight away, Ms Madison."

"Trust me Mr Reilly, you couldn't if you tried ... but go on."

"As I was saying, we are an international legal brokerage house which means we have access to world-wide departments whereby it becomes a case of 'you scratch my back and I will scratch yours', if you know what I mean."

Bloody Americans. Some of them are so damn full of themselves.

"Yes I get the general idea Mr Reilly."

As he started to speak I found myself wanting to ignore him.

"Excuse me Mr Costa, do you speak or are you just here so there is something pleasant to look at while this 'wanna be' mouth piece does all the talking? For god's sake please tell me you have something more to offer. I hate pretty boys, yet a man with something intelligent to say, now that I enjoy. If good looks come with that, then that's a bonus."

Just the way Mr Costa lowered his eyes and smiled I knew I had embarrassed him and for the first time in a very long time I found myself feeling bad. His second look back at me told me I was right.

"I know, miss I will have my say and if you can't handle it, tough. My grandma use to say: 'If ya can't stand the heat then get your sorry ass outta my kitchen', god rest her soul."

Turning my attention back to Reilly, I don't know why but I disliked this 'mister look at me I'm so god damn important'.

"Get on with it won't you."

The look on his face told me he wanted to say a whole lot more so again interjected.

"Before you were so rudely interrupted huh Mr Reilly? You really are going to have to do better than this. Surely any good attorney can only lay claim to that if they at least have the ability to keep their client's attention.

"Me, personally, I say you are definitely showing no signs of that. I am, however, very grateful I studied in Australia before going abroad to pursue and attain my international degree. Dear god, imagine living your moronic legal life with zero brains. I don't know anyone I have ever encountered who is as challenged as you. I am not implying, that all, American Lawyer's are as poorly versed, in the law, as you appear to be. The way you were taught is obviously why your degree is letting you down."

"I was not thinking that at all Ms Madison."

"Mr Reilly, second rule of law: if in fact you are not good at something ... now surely even you would have to concede I am right, as you are

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