Open Your Mind Before You Invest

Open Your Mind Before You Invest

Empowering the Aspiring Investor

von Roland Everett Troutman

94 Seiten
2019 TroutHouse Publishing
ISBN 978-1-73411-291-7

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<p>Open Your Mind Before You Invest is the second book of a three-part collection written by inspirational speaker and entrepreneur Roland Troutman. Take a look into the past of how Roland overcame tragedy and poverty to become successful. This book is the platform that everyone should read before you invest your money because it reveals Roland’s effective strategies of how to build wealth from nothing. Roland made his money from sales in the car business and his ideas are new and exciting!</p><p>-    Learn the money management rules for success.</p><p>-    Learn Roland’s proven winning sales techniques.</p><p>-    Gather solid investment ideas.</p><p>Open Your Mind Before You Invest is packed with powerful spiritual inspiration, sociology theory, discussions on society and culture, and the current state of racial tensions in America, 2019 and the future.</p>