The Believer’s Manual for Excellence

The Believer’s Manual for Excellence

von Patrick Payne Okoronkwo

180 Seiten
2019 Xlibris US
ISBN 978-1-79604-512-3

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Knowing and working with God is not a sprint. It is a marathon with very many dangerous twists and turns—craggy and crooked at that. It is getting progressively unpopular to be identified as a Christian in our present-day world with its attendant challenges and extraordinary indulgences. Real and valid questions are constantly agitating the minds of many, right from the crises of development to the decadence of aging and dying.

This book is essentially a critical look at man as per who he is and his never-ending search for connection with his maker. It sees God as triune and also treats the trinity of man—that is, spirit, soul, and body—and the steps and strategies he needs to deploy to ensure he gets on top of his game in terms of his relationships with God, with brothers, at the workplace, in married life, social events, and many more.

The Believer’s Manual is an attempt to critically look at the believer in terms of his coming to the understanding that he needs his maker in every area of his life. It starts with getting to know his god, his plans and purpose for him, divine leading and direction, etc. It does a synopsis of temperaments and how God can use man no matter his temperament. The indwelling Holy Spirit makes the difference.