Christianity and the Supernatural

Christianity and the Supernatural

von Christopher Brearley

130 Seiten
2014 Zaccmedia
ISBN 978-1-909824-15-7

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The supernatural is arguably one of the most debated and least understood aspects of Christianity. Taking on this complex and emotively charged subject, the author gives his perspective on questions such as: How can we be affected by the spiritual realm? How are we to understand a miracle, and do they happen today? Is prophecy a continuing gift in the Church today? What are angels and demons, are they real, and how do they interact with us? Should we believe in spiritual gifts and spiritual warfare today? Is it possible to have an insight into life after death?The author provides a series of explanations and insights into the spiritual realm and encourages us to take a closer look at what is, as well as what might not be, supernatural. It will challenge those who take polar views on the subject - those that refuse to believe in the supernatural, those that take an unhealthy fascination for it, and those lukewarm to it. The book provides an excellent, concise overview and serves as a pointer to start discussions on the theme of the supernatural and how it affects our lives. Most importantly, the book looks at how the supernatural takes a role in our relationship with God.

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