Contemporary German Crime Fiction

Contemporary German Crime Fiction

A Companion

von Thomas W. Kniesche

Reihe: Companions to Contemporary German Culture Band 7
Flexibler Einband
IX, 336 Seiten; 10 Schwarz-Weiß- Abbildungen; 244 mm x 156 mm
2019 Gruyter, Walter de GmbH; de Gruyter, Walter, GmbH
ISBN 978-3-11-042655-7

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Kurztext / Annotation
The series offers lively, comprehensive accounts of contemporary German culture written by experts and designed for advanced student readers and scholars alike. Both in monographs and closely-defined edited collections, it aims to introduce major authors, thinkers, filmmakers, literary topics, genres and landmark individual works, focusing on the period since 1989 but reaching back, where appropriate, to the vital hinterland of the 1970s.

A companion to contemporary German crime fiction for English-speaking audiences is overdue. Starting with the earlier Swiss "classics" Glauser and Dürrenmatt and including a number of important Austrian authors, such as Wolf Haas and Heinrich Steinfest, this volume will cover the essential writers, genres, and themes of crime fiction written in German. Where necessary and appropriate, crime fiction in media other than writing (TV-series, movies) will be included. Contemporary social and political developments, such as gender issues, life in a multicultural society, and the afterlife of German fascism today, play a crucial role in much of recent German crime fiction. A number of contributions to this volume will comment on the literary reflection of these issues in the texts. The goal of the volume is to make available to English-speaking audiences, to students, teachers and to a wider circle of interested readers, a series of articles on genres, topics, authors, and texts that will help them understand the scope and depth of German crime fiction, its ties to international traditions and also the specificity of the German context, its historical development and contemporary situation.

Biografische Anmerkung zu den Verfassern
Thomas W. Kniesche, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA.