Pensioners Inc.

Pensioners Inc.

Documentary 52 min

von Bertram Verhaag

DVD Video
Produzent: Bertram Verhaag; Regisseur: Bertram Verhaag; Gefilmt / Fotografiert von: Waldemar Hauschild; Gerardo Milsztein; Umschlaggestaltung von: Doris Musikar
19.2 cm x 13.6 cm
2008 Denkmal Filmgesellschaft
ISBN 978-3-935573-26-9

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The average age of the employees at the Vita Needle Company, a needle and tubing factory near Boston, is an amazing 73 years. Anyone who can make it up the front steps gets hired. In their interviews, in a touching and endearing way, the elderly workers at the needle factory reveal their newfound sense of self-confidence. Full of joy and vitality, they describe how happy they are in their community, and also talk about the dream they all share: to be able to climb up the steps leading to the production hall for as long as possible!