33 x South Tyrolean Classics

33 x South Tyrolean Classics

Cookbook from the Dolomites - Alpin pleasure

von Heinrich Gasteiger; Wieser; Helmut Bachmann

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88 Seiten; 100 Farbfotos; 175 mm x 15 mm
2019 Athesia Buch
ISBN 978-88-8266-712-2

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Cold Starters

20 Asparagus with Bozner Sauce

22 Marinated Calf's Head

24 Carpaccio with Pecorino Cheese and Celery


26 Speck Dumplings in Consommé

28 Barley Soup

30 South Tyrolean Wine Soup

32 Tripe Soup

Warm Starters

34 Cheese Dumplings

36 Crispy Rye Bread Pasta with Grey Cheese

38 Spinach Pasta Dumplings

40 South Tyrolean Ravioli

42 Herb Risotto

44 Potato Pastry Parcels with Golden Delicious and Balsamic Butter

46 Potato Discs with Sauerkraut

48 Lasagne

Main Dishes

50 Braised Meat in St Magdalener Sauce

52 Pork Fillet with Fried Cep Mushrooms

54 Herrengroestel with Speck

56 Ossobuco alla Milanese

58 Roast Lamb

60 Medium Rare Venison Haunch

62 Trout Fillet on Mediterranean Vegetables

64 Dried Cod Fry Up


66 Apricot dumplings

68 Apple Rings with Vanilla Sauce

70 South Tyrolean Apple Strudel

72 Buckwheat Cake

74 Blueberry Chopped Pancake

76 Tiramisu with Strawberries

78 Sweet Yeast Buns

Deep Fried Specialities and Bread

80 Deep Fried Poppy Seed Parcels

82 Deep Fried Quark Parcels

SouthTyrol's ancient farming traditions are reflected in the local cuisine along with adopted classical Italian dishes,making it appealing and interesting.

- 33 traditional SouthTyrolean recipes such as speck dumplings, cheese dumplings, SouthTyrolean ravioli, wine soup, roast lamb and savoury deep fried parcels...

- Every recipe with fantastic photography

- Desserts such as the world famous apple strudel, apricot dumplings, apple rings, sweet yeast buns, deep Oied parcels...

- New recipes such as crispy rye bread pasta with grey cheese, trout fillets on Mediterranean vegetables

- Carpaccio, Lasagne alla Bolognese, Ossobuco alla Milanese or Tiramisu from Italy

- Mediterranean influence in the SouthTyrolean cuisine

- All about products such as speck, crispy rye bread, grey cheese...

- Törggelen with new wine (Suser) and chestnuts - an ancient SouthTyrolean tradition

- Easy to follow recipes, even for beginners

- Many tips and tricks from the professionals

- Step-by-step pictorial guidance

Biografische Anmerkung zu den Verfassern
Gasteiger, Heinrich
Heinrich Gasteiger is from Luttach in Ahrntal Valley and lives with his family in Lana, a small town not far from Merano (South Tyrol). Considered one of the prominent leaders and forefront thinkers in his field, the master chef has taught for many years in the Professional Hotel School Kaiserhof in Meran. As a young cook, he gained valuable experience in renowned hotels all over Europe including Gstaad, Lugano, Seefeld and Munich. Later he started teaching, pouring his heart and soul into his career, intent on passing on his passion for cooking professionally to the next generation. Today he organizes events alongside working as a creative product developer and innovative gourmet food designer. He is also a tireless author of cookbooks, all of which have been bestsellers.

Gerhard Wieser grew up in Rasen in Antholz Valley (South Tyrol) and lives in Merano with his family. He is the chef of the gourmet restaurant Trenkerstube in the five star hotel Castel in Dorf Tirol, a small town near Merano. Under his leadership, the restaurant has earned two Michelin stars and three Gault Millau toques. The master chef and certified dietary cook is considered an inspired culinary inventor and technical perfectionist - his light cuisine is like a symphony of aromatic and savory ingredients of the highest quality. His cuisine has been influenced by personal experience in the kitchens of top chefs in both Europe and Asia. As bestselling author, he has appeared countless times on TV and radio. He is also a gourmet food product developer and was awarded Chef of the Year 2019 by the Schlemmer Atlas.

Bachmann, Helmut
Helmut Bachmann was born in Antholz-Mittertal and lives with his wife and three children in Mühlbach (South Tyrol). The master chef has taught culinary studies at the professional school Emma Hellenstainer in Brixen since 1983. Bachmann has earned several gold medals in world competitions in cities such as Frankfurt, Luxemburg, Basel, Chicago and Vienna. As a WACS-Global Master Chef, Bachmann is a member of the World Association of Chefs. For the past several years, he has organized and conducted the master chef training in South Tyrol. He is also a frequent speaker at workshops and cooking seminars both at home and abroad. Bachmann is the author of several bestselling cookbooks as well as countless articles, recipe brochures and cooking calendars.