Secret Diary of World's Worst Genius

Secret Diary of World's Worst Genius

von Paro Anand

180 Seiten
2013 Penguin Books Ltd
ISBN 978-935118185---9

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I, Arjun Bhasin, am a genius. I ve just been diagnosed with it. Once upon a time, I was an average Joe, neither at the top nor at the bottom. Heck, I was even the middle sibling! But all it took was one test, just one, to change my life. Suddenly, I was important. I was a GENIUS. Everyone was waiting anxiously to hear the pearls of wisdom that would drop from my mouth. Only one problem I didn t know what I was a genius at. If you think geniuses have it all, I bet you haven t met someone like me. I d give anything to be a normal thirteen-year-old again. At least I wouldn t be dragged everywhere, from museums to theatre classes to horse races, to find out my geniosity . At least my best friend wouldn t act like I ve got a contagious disease. At least I wouldn t be a freak . . . Still want to know more? Take a peek into this secret diary to find out what happens when an ordinary boy suddenly becomes the World s Worst Genius.

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Paro Anand, Schriftstellerin und Rezensentin, hat in ihrer Heimat Indien bereits achtzehn Bücher für Kinder und Jugendliche veröffentlicht. Sie engagiert sich in zahlreichen Projekten für Kinder, die mit terroristischer Gewalt in Kaschmir konfrontiert wurden.