60-Second Philosopher

60-Second Philosopher

Expand your Mind on a Minute or so a Day!

von Andrew Pessin

144 Seiten
2013 Oneworld Publications
ISBN 978-1-78074-445-2

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Philosophy means ",love of knowledge", in Greek. Unfortunately, as much as we all love knowledge, we dont all have the time to spend acquiring it! This fabulous little book provides the perfect antidote. Split into 60 one-minute chapters, Andrew Pessin offers you a snippet of philosophical wisdom everyday, giving you something to think about on your coffee break. From time travel and morality, to happiness and freedom, Pessin is bound to entertain you with his razor-sharp wit. The perfect way to hone your mental faculties ,The Sixty-Second Philosopher will delight aspiring thinkers everywhere! Andrew Pessin is Chair of Philosophy at Conneticut College. He is the author of Gray Matters: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind and has appeared several times on the David Letterman show as ",The Genius",.

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