Digital Modelmaking

Digital Modelmaking

Laser Cutting, 3D Printing and Reverse Engineering

von Helen Lansdown

Reihe: Crowood Band
192 Seiten
2019 Crowood
ISBN 978-1-78500-586-2

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Digital manufacturing has become an intrinsic part of the modelmaking profession, so today's practitioner must be skilled in both traditional hand-making techniques and digital technology. Relevant to a wide variety of creative industries, including film and television, theatre, architecture and product design, Digital Modelmaking offers a comprehensive insight into the manufacturing processes and technologies used within contemporary modelmaking. Each chapter contains an in-depth explanation of each topic, presents examples of how each process is used and includes case studies from professional modelmakers and students. Topics covered include: making models using a laser cutter, 3D printer and CNC milling machinery; generating 3D digital data using a 3D scanner and photogrammetry; two-and three- dimensional drawing software such as CAD; designing models for digital manufacturing; selecting materials based on their suitability for modelmaking; combining traditional hand-making skills with digital manufacturing; painting and finishing models, and finally, moulding and casting using silicone and resin. This invaluable book will be of great interest for students, young professionals and everyone with a passion for design and making. It is superbly illustrated with 234 colour photographs and 32 line artworks giving numerous examples of the design process. Helen Lansdown has worked professionally as a modelmaker and designer for thirty years and is a lecturer at Herefordshire University teaching on the Model Design programme.